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Actors, welcome to your site! A new startup; Actorpedia.org is an innovative, online, platform-tool for Actors, and other creative professionals to help promote their public image, build name recognition, and generate buzz for themselves, and their projects. Actorpedia.org was created by Actors for Actors! As Actors, we’ve all experienced the challenges and frustrations associated with living a creative life, as well as the desire for constant advancement towards one’s career goals. We also know there isn’t a universal blueprint to making it in the world of entertainment. However, there is one thing we can all agree upon: it’s imperative for today’s Actor to recognize social trends, and make every effort to become and remain relevant.

Founded by a collaborative team of Actors in 2016, Actorpedia.org was created to answer a unique call to action: What if there was a way to shake things up? A way to rewrite Actors social media buzz, and manner in which our hype conversations are digested! 

So began the research, creation, and launch of Actorpedia.org. We’ve designed an easy-to-use, robust, mobile adaptive platform-tool for today’s modern Actor! Moreover, a solution to equally allow “EVERY” Actor creative the opportunity for A-list publicity treatment, and exposure for their daily announcements and multimedia content! At Actorpedia.org every announcement and every post will be received with site wide visibility!  If you post it, EVERYONE sees it!

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