How it works

How it works!

We proudly introduce!

The free must have tool for today’s modern Actor! is an amazing Twitter-esque, “all-about-me”, platform-tool to help Actors, and other creative professionals, promote their public image, build name recognition, and generate buzz for themselves, and their projects!

Simply stated, we have created another way for you to be seen and discovered; as all your post will boldly display upon Actorpedia’s main “Actor’s Journeys” timeline!

We realize that at the end of the day; it’s all about doing good work, then subsequently finding as many opportunities to have one’s work seen. We warmly invite you to create a profile, post regular updates, drop in photos, and Youtube or Vimeo url linkbacks of your works (both new and old). Your videos will look sharp and stream smoothly every time!

Described by many as part IMDB, Facebook, Linkedin but with one universal Twitter-like feed wall! Actorpedia(AP) allows “EVERY” Actor the opportunity for A-list publicity treatment and exposure for their announcements and multimedia content post, as all postings have the same site-wide visibility… Post it and the industry will see it!  


Similar to IMDB, AP rates its members, and uses proprietary algorithms that are periodically and autonomously adjusted to take into consideration several measures of trending including profile content, age of profile(how long you’ve been a member), popularity and site activity. We invite members to actively LIKE, POST/PROMOTE THEMSELVES, and FRIEND other Actors often, as rankings are in slight part also based upon such.  Additionally, AP randomly spotlights its members across its own social media networks; therefore it behooves a member to have a current contact and content rich profile… Hint, that’s also how you get noticed at AP, because the more you and your multimedia content are splashed across AP’s pages, the more VISIBLE you are to the industry! is always 100% free to join and use… Seriously